Saturday, June 2, 2007


We are looking into flights and hotels....

Looks like we will have to leave Tues, the 12th in order to get there the evening of the 13th(we have to be there by the 14th a.m.). This is if we go with Lufthansa/United instead of Ethiopia Air(in which case, we have to leave on Monday! Uh-uh) Then I would miss another day with my family, stay the night at Dulles, and still not see Piper until the 14th, so nope! And we don't get back until Saturday, the 23rd. That is a total of 11 days. You lose about 4 in travel....from Texas, anyway. As for hotels, I think that both the Sheraton(darn) and the Hilton are booked. Waiting to see what is after that...our digs may be more Ethiopian style, rather than Western style. We'll see.

If this is the case, then we leave in a week and a half! I can feel my nerves already!

Sweet Mary at Gladney let me email her a picture of us so that they can show it to Piper regularly. That makes me feel better.

I still need to go over all of the forms/paperwork that I need to bring. I guess I will do that Monday.

She's coming soon!


Moody and Emily said...

this is just too fun! I love looking at Pipers pic- makes me happy:)

Maria said...
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Becky said...

Don't forget what Gladney says about taking airlines other than Ethiopian or Emirates ... another 3-4 days in Ethiopia in order to get Piper's transit visa. You don't have to have that if you fly one of these two. That's why we are arriving in Ethiopia a day early. Good luck finding a hotel! I'm thinking I need to reconfirm the Hilton because when I checked it again the other day, there was no availability.

We're almost there! Oh and orange is one of my favorite colors! haha


Maria said...

Hello Rachel,

I booked 2 rooms at the Hilton. My grandma was going to come and backed out. Needless to say I have an extra room and was going to cancel this weekend. Email me if you want to try and work something out. I'll wait until Monday to cancel.


Amy said...

It is soon! Josh and I had to leave on the monday of the week too...we flew Ethiopian. Anyway, they gave us Silas right away...we did not have to wait until that Thursday of the week....Just so you know in case. I am pretty sure they give the children to the parents as soon as possible..I mean we got in to Addis at night and got him the very next morning, so not RIGHT away I guess. :)