Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Tartar means RAW

Last night we went to THE Ethiopian restaurant in Austin. It is called Aster's Ethiopian Restaurant. We also brought our boys. NOT a great place to take children, unless they are worldly in their culinary tastes. Doro Wat- spicy chicken-on-the-bone sauce-stew thing. Could have been good, but tongue lost all ability to taste after the spice in that thing...also has a hardboiled egg in it. Vegetable Aliche and Yataklete Kilkil - like a vegetarian stew and pretty good. Dennis ordered Kitfo-that would be Ethiopian steak tartar....he did not see the "tartar" part.. yeah, raw hamburger meat.. he took a teeny taste and set it aside. We also had something that was like beef in beef stew that was really good. The injera is the texture of a thin pancake or crepe, but sourdough-ish in was ok with something, but not great by itself....I have low bread standards, though, so it was good to me. There were a few other sides, a lentil mashed thing that was not good and some kind of greens, and we don't do greens unless it is broccoli covered w/cheese or dipped in ranch :) I would go back, but the rest of my family was happy to say "Thanks for playin'!"

Just got an email from Becky Page and they are in Ethiopia and have Kali! She is 3 years old and from the private orphanage that Piper is in. I am so happy that they are there. I think that Kali has been there for awhile, longer than my Peeps, so I am happy for them. It feels a little bittersweet, but that is just the green eyed monster in me. I am calling in all favors to those going and there to get my little girl a hug and maybe a picture, too! You have no shame when it comes to your kids...I am not afraid to beg!

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Ted and Lori said...

We just ate this afternoon at The Blue Nile, our Portland Ethiopian restaurant, and I saw the raw ground beef on the menu...I avoided it :) I loved the goodies we ordered though. The injera's consistency was not what I've ever felt in bread before--it felt like loose human skin. Weird, but tasty! (the injera, not human skin:))