Sunday, April 22, 2007

What's the story

So I have been thinking, after reading someone's post somewhere awhile back, about her story. Right now I don't know what that is, but at some point we will and people will be curious. Before thinking about this, I just assumed I would tell people what we know. Obviously, at a young age, she will know that she is adopted, so what's to hide, you know? But, it seems like there is more to that. What if she has come to us via the AIDS crisis? Is that really everyone's business? No, but maybe it would make everyone more aware of how real it is and put a face on AIDS for them. HOWEVER....this is HER story, not a class on educating the masses. Should other people know her story before she does? Probably not. What if some parents are discussing it, in a kind manner, but their kids overhear? And then she goes to 1st grade where someone teases her, "your Mama's got AIDS!" She doesn't know what that is or even understand her adoption fully, yet.

I know people will ask and be curious. I have already decided to assume most questions are just that, curiosity. Unless it is with obvious malice (the "why THOSE kids" or "why don't you adopt from America", and obvious predjudiced comments), then I will just take it in stride. So far, the only awkward ones I have had are "how much does it cost"(obviously curiosity) and one "So how's the kid buying going" (by a friend who is just that way and joking, inappropriately, of course). The Angelina and Madonna ones are just annoying. will be her story to tell. We will probably tell our inner circle and leave it at that. We will probably just tell most people that we really just want her to find out everything first, and leave it at that. I am pretty sure most people wouldn't be offended at that....and really, forgive me, but who cares if they do? She's gotta come first!

Friday, April 20, 2007


We just got an email from Kate at KBS Dossiers stating that we are done!! The dossier is ready to go and is being sent off to DC today!! WAAAAHHHOOOO!!!

Seconds later, we got one from Mary at Gladney saying that we are officially on the waiting list. I am panting!!

What we do next is try to meet our 10 hours of adoption education by reading books, watching videos, attending classes, etc. Shouldn't be a problem. Dennis and I can go the Pregnancy Help Center's classes if we want and watch videos from there.

I am soooo excited!! We are working on her room and here are some pictures. Since we can't really get her any clothes since we don't know how big or old she is yet, I did get her some shoes. I love the pink Chuck Taylor Converse shoes!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Meandering thoughts...

I can be fatter or I can be lazier....sometimes it can really be a toss-up. I work part time at my boys' Parent's Day Out program. Yesterday, for lunch, I had packed one of those Tuna-To-Go deals where everything is in the package for you, like crackers, mayo, relish, etc. The teacher (I am an aide) asked me if I was going "all healthy" on her. I said "No, I just didn't feel like fixing a 3rd lunch...this was easier." I got to thinking later that that was pretty sad. I ate healthier because I was too lazy to fix what I would normally have (which, in my defense, is usually normal lunchbox type of food...not pizza or enchiladas or something.)
I was healthier because I was lazier. Could've fixed something better (read TASTIER) and been fatter. See what I mean? Toss up!

Our FBI letters are back from the state...just waiting on the final approval of the life insur. letter!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Latest update

I received an email today from KBS saying that they are waiting for the FBI letters to arrive back from the Secretary of State in Texas – expected this week. Kate received the life insurance letter back from the county, and it looks good and she is sending it to the state of NY today, and should hopefully have it back in a week or so. At that point, all should be ready to go and the official Paper Pregnancy begins.


Friday, April 13, 2007

Who's Your Daddy?

"Mom, is Daddy my Father?" That is what Cam asked me the other day. One of those funny kid things. I love this age! He really cracks me up with some of the things that he says. Like, "my eel hurts, Mom!" ....that would be his HEEL. Fun times, Man!

Well, we got our re-do life insurance letter and it is iffy at best. KBS Dossier service, who gets everything organized and authenticated by the State, is going to try and see if it goes through. Our life insurance people are awesome, but can't cross their "t's" at the right angle for the adoption process. So we are just waiting to see if it will be ok. It is the last stinkin' thing we need for the dossier and I am soooo ready to be in the Waiting for Referral stage. It is nice to move from one arena to the next in the whole process.

So, I read a book called "There is No Me Without You" in 2 nights flat. It is by Melissa Fay Greene. It is the true story of a woman in Ethiopia who, in the beginning, loses her daughter and her husband. Without reason to go on, she kinda wanders around aimlessly until one day a priest asks her to take in a child whose parents have died. Fast forward and she becomes the foster mother to hundreds of kids. IT IS AMAZING HOW ONE PERSON CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! I cried my way through the book, because it is a beautiful and heartwrenching story that has completely put a face on the poverty, AIDS epidemic, and the fallout of it all. You know how you can see those infomercials(the ones we click past 'cause we don't want to cry and yes, we already know there is a problem, but you don't have to shove it in my face kind), and you feel bad, but it really is on a superficial level. Reading this book really made it all very......real. And I guess it hits closer to home now that I am going and bringing back one of their beautiful babies who could very well be the "fallout" of AIDS and poverty. I am anxious now to hear her story and debate over the years on how to present it all to her. How will she take it all? Will she want to go there (I truly hope so!) I really want her to be proud of where she is from and with books like this one, I am on my way to gathering information that will help her see how beautiful Ethiopia is, in spite of the devastation you may see on the outset.

Currently, I have decided that when the kids are all grown, I will go a few times a year for however long and work and help in the orphanages in Haiti(the other place where my heart is captive...Hello, Les Abricots!) and Ethiopia, provided we have the means. Dennis said "Thanks a lot, what am I supposed to do?" :) I know, I know, slow down, Rachel. Let's do one thing at a time....that would be Dennis's motto with me.

Anyway, I will be forcing this book down everyone's throat soon, so be ready with your rebuffs(to which I will completely ignore).

Peace Out!

Saturday, April 7, 2007


No, not that kind of mooning... I was watching a snore-fest DVD with my kids and we were watching some short story with a girl who thinks that she can touch the moon and asks her dad to get it for can look at the moon and it seems like you can touch it, but in reality it is too far. That is how this adoption thing goes. You think you are getting closer, but you always seem far out of reach.

We are supposed to get the LAST piece of our paper puzzle on Monday and then it all is DONE!! Hurry up and wait!! I saw on 2 other Gladney Ethiopian blogs that they received their referrals in a little over a month or less! Maybe us?? Expect nothing, hope for everything, I just read somewhere. Sigh.

For those who read my other blog at up to this point, you may have realized that I am to the whiny stage. I realize that I have no right to whine, but it doesn't seem to have stopped me. I knew, going into this, it was going to take up to a year, so why am I whining and stomping my feet when it is going to take less? 'Cause I want a McAdoption to go with my McDrive thru life(thanks, Lee)! What's up with that?

It will come soon enough, I am sure and I will forget my languishing. Not sure if languishing is the right word....kind of picturing myself on a chaise lounge with my arm over my head with that about waiting impatiently? That is probably more accurate.

Welcome to the new blog!