Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Everyone should have a little Faith

So my friend Faith is an incredible Foodie.  She is way more than that of course, she's funny, she's a fashionista, singer, musician, she's a great mom, wife, knitter(like, as in makes her own yarn, for Pete's sake) and when I say foodie,  I mean, she even makes her own bread.  Like, she DOESN'T BUY bread!  You know how you have friends that you admire for different things, kind of wish you could be more like, in some ways?  I always learn something when I go to her house.  Sometimes it's how to cook something, sometimes it's discovering a vegetable that I did not know existed.  I'm still holding on to a couple of packets of active dry yeast that I'm trying to remember what I'm supposed to do with.  Anyways, it's always an education and I'm always inspired to try something after.

So the other day, I saw a blog with a recipe for something called a Radish Tart.  Sounds gross, 'cause I don't like radishes, but it LOOKED delicious!

So I bought the stuff to make it.  Maybe the radishes will taste differently cooked, I don't know.  It looked easy enough, too.  

Well, folks, this is what MY version of the tart looked like prior to cooking.

And after....


I NEVER make anything that looks right!  And do you know what???  It tasted DIVINE!!  That's right, Suckas, I made something that looked AND tasted delicious.  Mark it down!  
Ooh...I better go get a lotto ticket, too.  See ya.

My buddies, Faith and Jenny
They would want me to show you who they are.