Saturday, April 7, 2007


No, not that kind of mooning... I was watching a snore-fest DVD with my kids and we were watching some short story with a girl who thinks that she can touch the moon and asks her dad to get it for can look at the moon and it seems like you can touch it, but in reality it is too far. That is how this adoption thing goes. You think you are getting closer, but you always seem far out of reach.

We are supposed to get the LAST piece of our paper puzzle on Monday and then it all is DONE!! Hurry up and wait!! I saw on 2 other Gladney Ethiopian blogs that they received their referrals in a little over a month or less! Maybe us?? Expect nothing, hope for everything, I just read somewhere. Sigh.

For those who read my other blog at up to this point, you may have realized that I am to the whiny stage. I realize that I have no right to whine, but it doesn't seem to have stopped me. I knew, going into this, it was going to take up to a year, so why am I whining and stomping my feet when it is going to take less? 'Cause I want a McAdoption to go with my McDrive thru life(thanks, Lee)! What's up with that?

It will come soon enough, I am sure and I will forget my languishing. Not sure if languishing is the right word....kind of picturing myself on a chaise lounge with my arm over my head with that about waiting impatiently? That is probably more accurate.

Welcome to the new blog!

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