Sunday, April 22, 2007

What's the story

So I have been thinking, after reading someone's post somewhere awhile back, about her story. Right now I don't know what that is, but at some point we will and people will be curious. Before thinking about this, I just assumed I would tell people what we know. Obviously, at a young age, she will know that she is adopted, so what's to hide, you know? But, it seems like there is more to that. What if she has come to us via the AIDS crisis? Is that really everyone's business? No, but maybe it would make everyone more aware of how real it is and put a face on AIDS for them. HOWEVER....this is HER story, not a class on educating the masses. Should other people know her story before she does? Probably not. What if some parents are discussing it, in a kind manner, but their kids overhear? And then she goes to 1st grade where someone teases her, "your Mama's got AIDS!" She doesn't know what that is or even understand her adoption fully, yet.

I know people will ask and be curious. I have already decided to assume most questions are just that, curiosity. Unless it is with obvious malice (the "why THOSE kids" or "why don't you adopt from America", and obvious predjudiced comments), then I will just take it in stride. So far, the only awkward ones I have had are "how much does it cost"(obviously curiosity) and one "So how's the kid buying going" (by a friend who is just that way and joking, inappropriately, of course). The Angelina and Madonna ones are just annoying. will be her story to tell. We will probably tell our inner circle and leave it at that. We will probably just tell most people that we really just want her to find out everything first, and leave it at that. I am pretty sure most people wouldn't be offended at that....and really, forgive me, but who cares if they do? She's gotta come first!

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