Friday, April 20, 2007


We just got an email from Kate at KBS Dossiers stating that we are done!! The dossier is ready to go and is being sent off to DC today!! WAAAAHHHOOOO!!!

Seconds later, we got one from Mary at Gladney saying that we are officially on the waiting list. I am panting!!

What we do next is try to meet our 10 hours of adoption education by reading books, watching videos, attending classes, etc. Shouldn't be a problem. Dennis and I can go the Pregnancy Help Center's classes if we want and watch videos from there.

I am soooo excited!! We are working on her room and here are some pictures. Since we can't really get her any clothes since we don't know how big or old she is yet, I did get her some shoes. I love the pink Chuck Taylor Converse shoes!


Maria said...

Congratulations! I just finished my dossier 2 weeks ago and am also waiting and waiting and waiting. It was such a relief to finally be finished the mountains of paperwork. I hope your referral comes soon. The waiting is agonizing. Perhaps we'll end up traveling together.

Susy Q said...

Congratulations!!!! Once the wait begins, the excitement starts. My family received our referral of a (now) 15-month-old baby girl a month ago and I'm still not over the shock that I finally have a sister (I have two younger brothers.) Can't wait to read more!

Big Sis to two bio brothers and one sister from Ethiopia

The Breedlove family said...

Congradulations! I can't wait to see your baby girl...that will be coming soon. Her room looks beautiful by the way. Amy