Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Meandering thoughts...

I can be fatter or I can be lazier....sometimes it can really be a toss-up. I work part time at my boys' Parent's Day Out program. Yesterday, for lunch, I had packed one of those Tuna-To-Go deals where everything is in the package for you, like crackers, mayo, relish, etc. The teacher (I am an aide) asked me if I was going "all healthy" on her. I said "No, I just didn't feel like fixing a 3rd lunch...this was easier." I got to thinking later that that was pretty sad. I ate healthier because I was too lazy to fix what I would normally have (which, in my defense, is usually normal lunchbox type of food...not pizza or enchiladas or something.)
I was healthier because I was lazier. Could've fixed something better (read TASTIER) and been fatter. See what I mean? Toss up!

Our FBI letters are back from the state...just waiting on the final approval of the life insur. letter!

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