Sunday, June 3, 2007

More travel

I suppose we are going to have to leave on Monday the 11th. I don't want to have to sweat that transit visa, so we need to go Ethiopian Air. I will confirm w/the agent tomorrow( which is our court date!). Amy Bottomly mentioned that they got Silas early, so if that is the case, then awesome! And maybe I can run into Becky Page while I am there, then, too. That would be nice.

I have met some incredible people online through this blog and it has really made this whole experience easier, more fun, and more bearable.

For those in the beginning and middle, keep up your blogging, because it really helps you feel connected to Ethiopia and eventually, to your child/children. Especially when you get to see people blogging while they are there in the same place your child or children is/are!


Becky Page said...

We don't leave until Thursday night the 14th, so would LOVE to meet you! It appears that Gladney has everything scheduled pretty well while we're there, but surely dinner is on the schedule? We will be at the Hilton. We'll see you there!

Tomorrow is the day for us both! Yeehaw!


emily said...

I am so excited for you guys! Can't wait to read about the trip- we will be praying for you:)