Saturday, June 9, 2007

My boys

So it is about time that I post some pictures of my handsome boys. Cam has decided that he loves golf. On Fridays for the month of June, he is taking a 3-5yr age golf class in the gym at the rec center. He carries his silly Spider Man golf clubs around and wears the visor that he made in school EVERY DAY and for much of the day. He even insists that we watch golf sometimes(not that he really watches it). Too funny. Making contact with the ball (a vital skill in the game) seems to elude him. He is also somewhat ambidextrous and we are having problems with which hand to use. He wants to hold it like a lefty, but swing the direction of a righty. Poor kid.

And Bro "practices" in the corner of the gym with me and helps chase all the kids balls down when they are "driving" the ball. Poor baby's birthday is Sept. 8th, so he is too young to do anything, since lots of stuff goes by the school's system. All of the 3 year old stuff, he could totally do, but can't cause of his age. For swim lessons this year AND next, he can only do the Parent-Tot class...he doesn't need to bounce around the water w/mom holding him...he wants to get in and go! I think having a big brother close in age really helps...he gets stuff way quicker than Cam did.

On the adoption front, Mary sent out a notice recently that there are some changes possibly coming soon from MOWA(Ministry of Women's Affairs) in Ethiopia:

1. Adoptive parent(s) must be between 25-55 years of age.
2. Adoptive parents must be married for at least TWO years.
3. Married or single heterosexual individuals must have 5 biological or adopted children or less in the home.
4. There must be a 2 year age difference between the adopted child and a biological child.
5. Both parents are expected to travel to Ethiopia to pick up their child/ren, unless extenuating circumstances are presented and approved.

These are not set in stone and we do not know when/if these go into place. Dennis was going to stay behind, so that the boys would do better and not have as much a problem adjusting to both of us being gone, AND adjust to a new sister, but if he has to go, then of course, he'll go. Our biggest fear is #4. Piper is 1 year and 3 days younger than Bro. I doubt these will go into effect this soon, and I would think some of us would be grandfathered in or have a grace period, but it is still another worry in the back of my head.

I really wish that I was going this week, but there are some good things that come out of this. Our church has been meeting at the high school for years and it has really been something, as my husband has been setting up and tearing down for years. I am our preschool (0-K)director. We have a new facility and we are to the point that we can start painting our rooms. I have 3 rooms that I have to decorate because we officially "move-in" on July 1st. This was a huge stress when I was leaving this week. At least I can do a better job and concentrate on that for now. It will also help keep me busy. Yesterday we went to a place called Royal Seating in Cameron, who donated TONS of furniture, children's tables, chairs, and bookshelves out of their discontinued stock to our church. It was incredible. They gave us a whole warehouse to choose from...we filled up my car and a UHAUL and could have taken more if we had had room. It was a huge blessing to our church and a tiring great day. Cam also has swim lessons this week and no one will have to worry about taking him to that this week, so that is good.


Becky Page said...

Hi Rachel,
Yes, I can see the blogs now! My husband found a proxy server (?) that gets around the block. Hope we don't have the military breaking down our hotel door to put an end to it!
Your boys are beautiful! Don't worry too much about the changes at this point. I believe they are just proposed changes right now. Belay told us about them before we got the email from Mary.
I know you are frustrated about not being able to come yet, but do be glad you are with Gladney. Met a mom today who came for the court date, now there are complications and she is having to stay here another 2-3 weeks to get it all sorted out. Many of the parents here we see taking the taxis. Gladney takes such good care of you while here, and when you travel, you KNOW all has gone well already.
Take care!

Stacy said...

Did Mary happen to say anything about singles? I read on another blog that Ethiopia was thinking of restricting singles and I'm hoping it's not true.

I've lived through those "proposed changes" things before. You already are in process for Piper, they won't change the rules if you're already in process. Don't worry, this is just a short delay and Piper will be home soon. I can't wait to see her chasing her big brothers around with those golf clubs! :-)

Stacy said...

Hi, Rachel. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Can you leave another one with your e-mail so I can "invite" you to my private blog?

Mom of 5 said...

Hmmm....that #3 would exclude us from ever doing it. :(