Tuesday, June 5, 2007

I think the clock needs batteries...

Well, last night Dennis and I ate too much Mexican food and had a margarita. Then a good cry. Our little pity party lasted awhile, but I feel a little better today. I still dread the wait...once you get that referral, time seems to creep. And now it just seems to have stopped.

All those what if's really terrify me. And then I was thinking about the court closures, so this really can't get postponed any more. Then the longer she sits there, the more vacant she looks(you know, that vacant stare that they talked about in There's No You Without Me), the bigger risk for illness she has, the longer she has to go without a family. And then I'm sure they'll shave her head again....I know that that is not a big deal, but I want to complain right now.

And now I have to explain to my boys that Sissy is not coming as soon as we thought and that she really is coming, but later. They are going to think she's a figment of our imaginations! This is hard for a control freak. I think we deserve a new picture of her.

Ok...done now. What a road. A little easier to say than feel, but thank you God for this opportunity and whatever your plan is, I'm on board.

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Maria said...

I'm so sad for your family and little Piper. She needs to be with you. I will work on getting you that picture while I'm there and will definitely give her some love. Continue to stay strong and know that there are many people praying for your family.