Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What day is it?

Well, today we went to the clinic (if you happen to go, bring hand sanitizer) where Piper got a very brief physical. And then we were off to the embassy where they gave her another HIV test. It is for her visa and I guess that the US wants their own doctors to verify (since she has already been tested twice) and then we go back next Wednesday to get the actual visa, so that she can come home. Then we went out to eat where she was a good girl, again, so long as she has food!

The girl has got some lungs. She is obviously very content with us, but frustrated with the lack of communication. She can't talk, but a few words here and there, and then we don't speak the same language. Sesame Street, however, speaks a universal language because she loved watching an ABC video and points and talks to Big Bird and Cookie Monster. Not sure if she has seen it before, but maybe.

Today when we got back to the room, she was crying and crying. I knew she had eaten and wasn't thirsty, but she tugged at her diaper, so I took her to the toilet, where she obviously needed to go. She cried when I tried to put a diaper on her, but was happy to wear underwear. Unfortunately, there is no way other than wailing to tell me anything at this point. So we have been going thru several steps to figure out. First change toy, then drink, then food, then bathroom, until we figure it out. I am trying to teach her some sign language for the basics. Anyone know potty? Please email me it because I can't see the blog, just only post to it. It's

I think we are going to the awesome playground they have here at the Sheraton(might as well take advantage of the perks), once I wake her up in a minute. She has taken a big nap this afternoon(and I got a little one, too).

We ate at an awesome pizza place for lunch. We have chosen to live carboliciously for the next week. Meat has scared us (stay away from hamburger) and vegetables seem to only come with meat, so it is lots of spaghetti and buttered noodles. But pizza with veggies was good. Ethiopians may or may not like the fact that Italians occupied them for awhile, but I sure don't mind!

Here, finally, is that beautiful smile!

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