Saturday, July 21, 2007

Random thoughts


We were driving thru town and a van pulled out into our lane (the outside lane) and almost smacked us. The name of the company van? The Careful Movers. Kinda funny.

There was an accident on the road and we thought that we'd be there awhile. Turns out, you can drive around the lightpost onto the sidewalk and people clear the way for you!

When you are cooped up in a hotel because you a cranky kid and an upset stomach, you play with the bidet and then look it up on Wikipedia...for a 20 minute lesson.

My daughter doesn't like dirty. So it's "caca". She doesn't like gross. So it's "caca". She doesn't like her food? "Caca". I think I am going to have fun with that when we go back home!

Helpful hints: Bring Clorox wipes and/or Lysol...not at the grocery store here. And toys for the orphanages. Lightweight toys, like frisbees and hackey sacks and beach balls are what we brought, but should've brought more. One little boy was playing with the decapitated head of a doll, so it doesn't take much.

She is saying Mama and Piper, and caca, of course. But it's a start! And today she barely fussed at all when I put her in the crib! It's the little things!

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Ron said...

Great blog and nice pics! How is the sign language going?