Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Sorry..the days kind of run together, so I can't remember the last time I blogged.

I will start with yesterday(Tuesday). We went church at an International Nondenominational church. It was in English and they also do French and Italian services, too, I think. We actually had a Korean pastor there. That's kind of funny...Korean pastor doing an English service in Ethiopia. It was nice, but Peeps in not one for sitting anymore. She wants to go!

That evening we went to the traditional Ethiopian restaurant, Fasikas. Our reservation somehow wasn't held, so they set us up outside and it was awesome. Then after it cleared a little, we went inside and watched the dancing, which of course, involves audience participation. I really lucked out and wasn't chosen. But my friend Jeanene was!

The most remarkable thing about it all, was that the restaurant was filled with a VIP
party. If you are familiar with the current events in Ethiopia, several years ago, an election was held in which a certain party was elected(I am not sure what their name is). There was some opposition and they were sentenced to death! And then this past year, the sentence was commuted to life, and this week they were set free, thanks to some Elders in Ethiopia who came together to negotiate their release. It was a huge celebration and a historic night that we were able to see. It is my understanding that most Ethiopians support this group and hopefully there will be positive changes coming.

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Becky Page said...

Rachel, At this writing, it is 8:15 p.m. Texas time, 4:15 a.m. Addis time ... t minus 18 hours and counting until lift off! Let me be the first (well, 4th after Dennis and the boys) to welcome you home! Ring me up anytime ... just call me "long distance support group".
Piper is a beauty and I must say .. what a difference in that precious face from your first pics with her there in Addis to the last. She looks REALLY happy!