Saturday, July 28, 2007

Home is where we are staying for a long time...

We are home...yeehaw!

Somehow we managed to get ourselves so off in sleep during travel, that we ended up sleeping with the right time zone, so we went to bed at 8pm-ish last night and got up at 7 this morning. Sweet.

She woke 3x last night and only the one a 5am was a cry-for-thirty-minutes-get-me-out-of-bed kind of thing. And then fell asleep until 7.
The boys love her to death and were so cute when they met us at the airport. I can tell Brodan has been a little whiny, but they both are handling it really well and playing with her. She is freaked by the dogs, but seems to be warming up to the one who is the's like she knows!

The flight home was horrendous. Piper did not like the seat belt and made sure that everyone knew. The first half of our long flight really stunk, but she did do better the second half. We were so exhausted. My friend Jeanene is the most awesome trooper. I would have been lost without her. She carried everything. The girl wore a backpack on her front, her back, and carried one! She was also my "heavy". She made all the calls I didn't want to make(since I hate the phone) and wasn't afraid to speak up when I should have. She was awesome with Piper, most of all. Thanks Nene!

It was funny as I was reading my blog this morning and I spoke to my sister, that I noticed the effects of fatigue, travel, and everything else in my blogging. There was that one day that was bad and Piper pushing the boundaries really had me worried. Some people have mentioned that thought that you feel horrible for where you think, "what have I done?", and most seem to get it after they came home. I had that one week into it! But since coming back and getting a night's normal sleep, I feel SOOOO much better. She is playing with the boys, loves her Daddy, and is learning the limits. She had her first time out this morning (ooh, she hated that), but I think it, like with all kids, will just take a little time. The only thing that she has a problem with, is hitting or swatting at you when she doesn't get her way. While it is cute on a child the size of a 9 month old, it won't be later, and I won't put up with it. I am sure communication plays a huge part in it since she can't express herself or even really understand me. Most kids this age, can understand you, but not speak well and we don't even have that. So I know she is frustrated, but we'll get it all figured out. Wow. What a much better place I am in now. Literally and figuratively.

Thank you to everyone who commented and all your prayers and well wishes. It was a real pain in the tookas to blog there, esp. posting pictures, but I remember what a lifeline it was while I was waiting. You can almost feel connected to your child while someone is there. Especially once the paperwork is over and you have nothing more to work on and you are just waiting and waiting.

I will be posting pictures over the next couple of days of the trip, too. Now I need to catch up on everyone else's blogs and see where everyone is...I feel like I have been gone forever!

Looks like we are on vacation, huh?


Miranda said...

Found your blog not too long ago. We have two boys (biologically) and just recieved the last things needed for our dossier to be done. How long did you guys wait...wasn't it pretty quick? We are using Gladney as well. I have to agree with the feeling connected thing so thank you for taking time to blog while you were gone! I think your family is precious - blessings to you guys and hopefully a smooth transition to three! (

Becky Page said...

Hi Rachel,
There is no place like home, is there? Kali still does the swatting thing all the time. She is the sweetest thing and has transitioned oh so well, but the hitting and swatting are the things that get her a time out every day. I too think it is the frustration over lack of communication skills. I am trying to teach her to say "I don't like that" or "I am mad" instead of swatting, so we'll see if that works.
Good luck with the dogs. Every day is a new day around here with ours .. one day she is fine with them, the next she acts as if they're going to eat her. Will take time I know.
Welcome home!!!

Billy and Laurie said...

Yeah, so glad to see you are both home safe! I kept up with your whole trip and my blood ran cold when you said that the American referred to you as "Angelina". Makes you wonder if that is the way the world sees adoption! So sad. And bringing a toddler home is not easy...we had a 19 month old foster child and she was a real pistol! :) Love, Love, Love the pictures of Ethiopia and Piper. It will be so fun to see pics of her with her brothers too!

Ron said...

Glad to see you made it home safely!!

Lisa said...

Glad your travels went well and you're home safe and sound !!

Oklahoma City

Susy Q said...

Congratulations on a safe (though unpleasant) flight HOME! It sounds like she's adjusting well. Can't wait to read more!

Emily and Moody said...

Soooo happy you are home!!! It was such a blessing reading your posts-- thanks for the effort:) Can't wait to meet you guys sometime!