Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Hello from Addis!

Sorry it took so long! We have had computer issues, but I think we've got it now.

Jeanene and I are here safe and sound after a very smooth travel experience. We are embarrassed to say that we are at the Sheraton, when you look out of our balcony and see the reality of Ethiopia. It was not our first choice of hotel, but it still works out nicely :) We still don't have a hotel for the last 2 days, though.

Everyone has been very kind and polite here. One Ethiopian woman on the plane even told me "Thank you" when I told her that I was adopting. She said everyone should give back somehow. That made me feel better. I have never heard that they feel otherwise, but it is nice to hear for yourself that they "endorse" what you are doing.

We are hoping to meet Piper today, but we aren't sure yet...it could be tomorrow(Wednesday). Belay is with the Bright Futures kids and they should be getting in today, so maybe he needs to adjust and get some sleep. We are so off on our sleep, I can barely tell what day it is!

I will keep you posted! (no pun intended :)


She's coming!She's coming! At 4am Georgetown time, she is coming! Jeanene is cleaning obssesively...And I just took some Pepto Bismol.


Jana said...

oooh! I am so glad you got there safely! I'll be checking back often!

Margo said...

I know you can't check comments in Addis unless they get emailed to you but I'm commenting anyway!!! I'm so excited and will pray for y'all during your time in Ethiopia!!!! Take too many pictures and buy too many souveniors. And give Piper too many kisses!!!! (As if that's even possible)

Mom of 5 said...

I am so excited for you and to see you are actually there !

Emily and Moody said...

Yea!!! So excited for you:) Will pray for your time in Addis. Can't wait to follow along......