Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Big Day

Well, she is beautiful. Of course!

Today we have managed to go out to eat and to the grocery store...both things that I ordinarily would have waited on. She is happy to eat for sure and has already in a few hours learned to work me! At first she just looked at food with her HUGE eyes and then looked at me. Now we are up to grunting or kind of a whimper.

She had one big meltdown today, but she did not have her nap, so that probably contributed, as well as the new surroundings. But I can tell that we are on our way...she will cry when I leave the room and always makes sure I am nearby. I am eating that up. May become troublesome later, but were bonding right now, right? Going to the bathroom is a problem, though! When she first cried, she did it with her mouth closed, like she may have been scolded for that or something. We are past that now :)

She is a snuggler. She is not potty trained(which is completely fine...I don't freak over that). She LOVES any food and HATES when you take it away. I guess it will take awhile before she learns that she won't go without.

They fixed her hair(NOT SHAVED!)with colorful rubberbands all over her head, but it was bothering her, and Jeanene and I needed to play anyways! It is beautiful hair! We gave her a bath, which she was timid of at first, but loved it by the end and let me know how unhappy she was to be out of it. She loves to have her head massaged and I love to do it. You should see the look of bliss on her face when you do it.

Helpful hint: the lights go out once in awhile for a very short period, so if you go, bring a small flashlight.

Tafesse is our driver and he is awesome. He speaks excellent English and needs a new girlfriend, b/c his last one wasn't a very nice person, so we're keeping our eye out for him :)

We got the internet for a 24 hour period today, so I probably won't post tomorrow, but I will the next day...it gets expensive in this joint...we went to the grocery store and bought lots of crackers, some milk for her, and pb &j, so we can do our own thing once in awhile.

Got more thank yous again today from some older women. They said we will be blessed and that she is lucky. It is sooo the other way around.


Stacy said...

These are the best pictures I've seen in quite a while! She's lovely. Congratulations.

Mom of 5 said...

What a proud, beaming momma you are. It all sounds great !!

Cristy said...


The Breedlove family said...

What a beautiful sight...to see you with your little girl in your arms. You post makes it sound like you are having a wonderful time getting to know each other. I am sooo happy for you. Amy

Jana said...

So precious to see. Thanks so much for blogging while you're there! It's so much fun to hear/see!

Ted and Lori said...

Oh yay! I'm so happy to see these pictures and to hear that you guys are doing well over there. Reading your blog came at a *perfect* time for me, as I had a meltdown yesterday in feeling hopeless that it'll ever happen for us. You're proof that it will. Can't wait to read more :)

Amy said...

She is SO SO Sweet and you guys look so happy! I love seeing your room because it looks just like our room at the swanky Sheraton. :) You have the BEST driver...I am so sad to hear that his girlfriend and he are not together anymore. He is such a great guy. Not that you don't have a TON going on right now, but if you think of it tell him that Josh, Amy and Tesfamariam (Silas but I think he will know him by Tesfamariam) say Hello! :)

Anne said...

So exciting! Congratulations a million times over! She is beautiful. Tafesse was our driver back in March...he is amazing, I agree. I am actually happy to hear that his girlfriend and he are over b/c he told us some stories about her while we were there...not good. :( But---back to the important stuff: so excited for you guys and your new addition! Oh, and you probably met our friends, the Mailanders, who are picking up their son, Abraham w/ Gladney at the same time! Very cool.

Congrats again from a fellow Gladney Ethiopian adoptive parent.