Thursday, July 19, 2007


Today we started at the museum so that we could see Lucy who is a real old old lady.
It was an interesting museum, but a little long for me...I am more the breeze thru kind of person, stopping at things I am interested in.

We met the 2 other families that picked up their little boys. It was nice meeting some other people.

And then, came a hard one...going to the orphanages. We went to one, which had me in tears. It was heartwrenching. So many children, and they are just tiny tiny portion of the sadness. There are so many and definitely not enough to take care of them all, especially the babies. There really are no words to describe the sadness you feel when you know that you may be the only person who smiles or hugs that child that day.

After the first one, we went to Piper's, which is the private orphanage. It had a better ratio of caregivers, but it is still so hard. She was obviously loved there and she grinned the whole time! I didn't get to hold her at all while we were there, because all of the little mamas in the place! She ate it up. We brought the kids some frisbees, beach balls, and hackey sacks to play with and played with them all. It really reminded me of playing with the kids in Haiti. That was my favorite. I could do that all day, hitting a beach ball back and forth counting in English with the kids.

Now it is getting later and we are exhausted. Piper is definitely testing with some things, but is sweet most of the time. It is such a hard time with the fact that she can't speak much yet, so she can't say what she needs, even in Amharic. It'll come, I know.

Tomorrow we go up north somewhere to overlook the city and then to the third orphanage to visit. I hope we get a day to rest soon, because all of this running around is wearing me out...Piper's a lightweight, but even that can get heavy after awhile! Jeanene and I get winded pretty easy because of the altitude. I know it's not because I'm fat, it's the air. :) Helpful hint: bring vitamins for yourselves. No sleep, thin air, running around, and hanging out in orphanages can run your system down. Also, bring fungal cream for your kids...seems like they all have some form of it or another...and cortisone cream. And tylenol. Ok, maybe that will do it.

Sorry I am all over the place, but with a toddler, there isn't much sit down time and I have to do it fast.

It is really an amazing place.


Jana said...

you are so awesome to keep blogging from addis!! LOVE to see your pics! :)

becky page said...

It IS the altitude, I promise! You'll have the weekend to yourselves, but don't forgot that you don't have to go on all of the jaunts (other than embassy visit).

Enjoy your stay and can't wait to meet Piper!!