Saturday, July 7, 2007

Anyone got any tape?

So Friday we drove to Garland, Texas to watch the soccer tournament that was put on by the Ethiopian Soccer Federation of North America. We were able to meet Ryan and Abby and Belay, although briefly. We also got to meet the Page family...yay! Kali is beautiful and seems to be adjusting well and is certainly aware of who her family is! She loves her Mama! It really helped me feel at peace about Piper and her adjustment because that is a big concern of mine.

We got there about 4pm and stayed until just after 8. It was PACKED! Unfortunately, the show didn't start until we were leaving, but the kids were exhausted(and Mom and Dad) and we still had a 3 hour ride home.

And speaking of the ride home....

We stopped to get something to eat, which went well considering it was almost 9 and the kids hadn't taken a nap that day. We leave and it's about 9:15 or so and get going. We are trying to find a way back on the highway and end up on the wrong one, but only after we have gone over a median. It felt about as silly as we looked. The kids were like, "Whoa!" Like a bucking bull.

Brodan has finally potty trained with the exception of nighttime, which is fine by me. However, he errs on the side of caution now, and wants to go ALL THE TIME. So he decides to cry wolf once we are in the middle of nowhere on I35 somewhere between Dallas and Waco. Fine. We exit. There road is pitch black and there isn't even a gravel driveway to pull over into. But, wait, there is the entrance ramp back on the highway. Nooo, Dennis says, let's try up .....HHHEEEERRREEE!!!! The access road abruptly ends and we go sailing in the air after the drop off. Everyone ok? Rattled, but yes. Air still in the tires? Yes. Ok. Brodan, go the bathroom. He forces out next to nothing. Ugh. We back up oh-so-carefully and get back on the road.


Not 5 minutes later, someone's lawn chair flies off of their car and into us, knocking our sideview mirror off. Well, really it dangled and flopped for the next 2 hours and whenever we used the blinker, it blinked to the sky since it was hanging upside down.

Now? I am driving my car with duct tape on it. Sideview works great, electronics and all, it is just attached with DUCT TAPE. Yeah, I'm cool.

We were like the Griswolds by the time it was all said and done, without the graffiti on the car and the dead Grandma.

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