Monday, July 9, 2007

It's cool there!

Guess what? Had to take my car into the shop because I had a HUGE leak in my tire. Wonder how that happened?

I leave on Saturday. I saw on the Waals blog that it hasn't been over 70 degrees since they've been there. Mainly 50s and 60s! I am bringing a jacket and poncho because rainy season is definitely on there. I have to dig up a windbreaker for Piper, too, because everything I have for her is summer stuff. But I found the cutest leg warmers from Babylegs. They are too cute!

I was going to bring one of my mom's OLD OLD suitcases(in bright orange, no less) and leave it there, but I am thinking that I really need something that rolls since it is going to be 2 chicks with tons of luggage, so I guess I have to buy ANOTHER suitcase. I already bought one huge one, but I'd rather make things as easy as possible, so I guess I will fork over the dough and get another one.

I am going to see my daughter next week.


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Becky Page said...

Yes, you will need at least a sweater for her. We too had only summer things for Kali and every time we went out, the hotel staff would say "Oh, it is cold out there" and look at us like bad parents!!

I can't wait for you to get there and get Piper! I know you will be in heaven!

Stacy said...

I want to wish you the best of everything before your trip. I know G-d will be with you on this journey and all will be wonderful once Piper is with you.