Tuesday, May 29, 2007

We are adopting from the white tribe...

So after I told Dennis about the nurse's comments, he was like, "Are you kidding me?"
I said "Nope!" He said that I should have told her that there is a little known white tribe in Africa that we are adopting from and that the wait is huge. That would be sooo funny. I wonder if I will ever be in "that place" where something like that comes out of my mouth? Truly I hope not, but still funny.

Yesterday we went to JC Penney's and bought a locket for Piper's mom. I shrinky-dinked our referral pictures and put them in it for her. I know that there is a risk that her mom could sell it, but as Dennis said, "So she sells it and can eat for a few days, that shouldn't bother us." Yes, you are right, D. (He doesn't get to hear that very often ;)

Bought a few little stroller/car seat type toys for the plane and trip. My mom is going to bring her laptop so that we can Skype home(just made that term up...video cam....) while we are there, so that Dad can see her! And maybe we will get her started on DVDs before she touches US soil...wonder what she'll think of that? I never underestimate the power of cartoons! They don't babysit my children (anymore...we are much better now :), but they are a good tool sometimes...esp. a 17 hour or so flight in an airplane!

I still need to come up with something for the caregivers, however I have to email Mary to see if we are giving gifts to orphanage caregivers or foster home caregivers, b/c there is some confusion on my part as to where she is. Not sure if they move toddlers/older children to the foster home or not. Maybe Belay can get a new plaid shirt...I notice he seems to wear a lot of them!

Ahhh, tick-tock, tick-tock.


Amy said...

Very funny about the shirt for Belay...he does seem to wear a lot of plaid! :) I saw your sweet Piper at the orphanage when we were there...I understood it that only infants leave to go to the Gladney care center for now...I think they are wanting to build a care center for older children in the future. I know I already told you this, but she is in the nicest orphanage we saw! It is small so there are not a ton of children..The workers that we met were so incredibly sweet and loving! She is in a good place...a better place once you get her, but for now...a good place! :)

Becky said...

You are too funny, and so right .. my husband doesn't hear "you're right" too often either ... but then, I usually am the one who is right anyway!
Hope to cross paths with you while we are there! Can't wait!!!