Thursday, May 24, 2007

Gettin' ready!

So do I bring food for her? I know that she eats normal (well, Ethiopian normal) food, so maybe I should bring some toddler foods from here for her to try? I guess it would help to see what she is willing to eat or not eat before the ride back home! I guess some toddler biscuit things, cheerios (of course), and maybe some of those toddler meals for her to sample. We may end up throwing out a lot of food, which seems dead-wrong there in Ethiopia....maybe we can figure something out.

I also need to get some toys to bring for the plane...quiet toys, huh?

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Stacy said...

Quiet toys - portable DVD player. (Nothing like starting the electronic babysitting a little early.) Cartoons transcend language, and those things have become remarkably inexpensive lately. Also surprisingly interesting to toddlers - digital cameras. You can get a fairly cheap one, or just a pretend plastic one, and let her take pictures of things like the clouds and magazine pictures.