Friday, May 25, 2007 OUR house?

We looked up Brodan's past well-checks(Cam was always too oversized) and saw that Piper is the same size he was at 6 months! Bro was on the hefty side of things, but just above average in height. I am going to have a petite child? Definitely not used to that!

I had bought some 12 month and 18 month clothes, but it looks like those will have to wait a bit. Good thing it still feels like summer here until November. So I had to buy some stuff at Toys R Us for church, and went ahead and bought a few 9 month things. It can be a little big on her, and be fine. She seems fine on the weight end of things, which is good.

I was looking up close at her latest pictures and you can tell, even in that odd get-up she has on, that her tummy has that bloated-orphan-look. With the shaved head and that, it just reminds me that SHE IS AN ORPHAN. Doesn't change anything, and not that I forgot, but just drives it all even more home.

I think that today I will write out some questions that I want to ask her mom when I meet her. I am afraid if I don't, then I will forget. Knowing the life expectancy and the risks out there, I want to get as much information about her as possible. I will ask her what she wants Piper to know about her. I am sure it will be a full-on bawling session. It is going to be so hard, but I know it is a great gift that I can give Piper.

I had someone from work give me their opinion on what to tell Piper someday (the lady was adopted) and while I didn't agree fully(she is all for a completely closed adoption-domestic would really be different), I took it pretty well. It was my first real "opinion" from someone. I have absolutely no problem with Piper visiting her mom someday and more than once. All correspondence, which her mom deserves often, in my opinion, goes thru the agency, so I know she won't show up at our door. I do, however, think that I owe Piper the connection to her mom in whatever capacity I can give it to her. If that means we can only visit her once while she is growing up, then I want to do that. If it means we can figure out a way to sponsor her mom for school, then let's do it. Her mother is still a child, and I want Piper to know that we tried everything that we could to make her life better. If it means that all we can afford to do is send her pictures and updates several times a year, then we will do it. Anyways...the teacher I work with looked at me and just rolled her eyes when she left, and that made me laugh. I think that since the other lady was adopted, it was easier for me to take, since I am sure it is something that affected her personally and felt passionate about. She is entitled to her opinion.

Maybe someone not so close to the issue would have affected me differently. Although that isn't really fair, since there are lots of issues that people feel strongly about who haven't been directly affected by them...they are just moved by the issues.

Whatever...this is making me tired...must be overthinking!

On a much better note, we will probably be leaving on June 13th to return the 22nd. It seems SOOOOO FAAAARRR AAAWWWAAAYYY! But I know it will be here before we know it.


Ted and Lori said...

June 13 is less than a month (though I'm sure I'll be chomping at the bits as well when we're in your situation)! I'm really excited for you guys and admire your resolve to get to know the birth mother. From all I've been reading lately about the effects of adoption, it seems like good info to have, in case your child wants it someday.

Mom of 5 said...

That is one area I will learn from you. In China, Mia was an unknown abandoned Orphan. There is no way we will every know her parents. I can not imagine actually meeting one of them. Good idea to take questions. I would be so emotional. June's coming fast !!