Thursday, September 6, 2007

Strike a pose, there's nothin' to it...

Good news to report!

We are parasite free! Cross one off the list! Yee-double-haw!

We had a little scare earlier this week. When Piper's blood was retested, her levels were almost normal. However, she tested positive for Hep C. They checked her again for Hep C in a different way than she had been tested before. You can, though, have a false negative AND positive. Since they had enough blood, they tested it again and it came back negative! So 2 out of 3 of these special tests are negative. And all her regular Hep tests were negative. That is very reassuring and they will test again in the next couple of months or so. We still go to the GI doctor later this month and will know more then.

Piper had her first day of "school" yesterday. It is at the Parent's Day Out I work at. She is such a champ. She cried for about 30 seconds when I dropped her off and that was it. I peered in at her all day and she was laughing and playing. I think it was like being at the orphanage for her...kind of her comfort zone, you know? She is used to lots of kids and that was probably more like home for her than anything else so far! It made me very happy, but I am sure Monday will be the real test, now that she knows what to expect. We'll see!

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