Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Happy Birthday, Piper!!

Today my little girl is 2! While we reserve this day as a day of rememberance of the tragedy that is 9/11, the Ethiopians are celebrating their millenium this year. It is the year 2000 there, now, and it is also Peep's birthday.

Piper is growing leaps and bounds physically, socially, and mentally. She made it on the growth chart today at 3% in weight...yay! I hesitate for her gain more though or her little Budda belly is going to pop! Now if we can get vertical to grow with horizontal, we'd be set! Unfortunately, I have the same problem :(

Piper is repeating everything, so speech is no problem. She probably has about 10 english words that she uses on her own without prompting. She can feed herself better than her now 3 year old brother, put on her own socks, and diaper. My plan is to begin the potty training next month, now that we are settled and have more of a schedule, since she was semi-trained before (although in all honesty, she only peed once or twice a day then, she was so dehydrated). She goes to Parent's Day Out and is doing great there. Everywhere we go, people just have to smile at her and a lot just touch her. That part is funny to me. It is awesome having a daughter that can hold her own with her brothers, too. Those boys(including Dad) are the biggest suckers. And so they should be.

Happy birthday, big little girl!


tara said...

Aaaw! Happy birthjday to a precious litle jewel!!

(And I still think it is the cutest thing I have ever heard, that you call her Peeps...I literaly laugh out loud whenever I read that. I want to name my child Piper just so I can call her that! So Precious!!)

Maria said...

Happy Birthday Piper and a Belated Birthday wish to Brodan. What a special week for your family.

Mom of 5 said...

Happy Birthday Piper !!