Saturday, September 15, 2007

Still asking for their family

Remember the 3 siblings that I mentioned from Bright Futures Camp awhile back? They still don't have a family, yet. This is what Becky has as an update:

Remember them? Oh how I wish I had good news to report. Sadly, our joy in having Kali as part of our lives is often overshadowed by the heartbreak that these children still do not have a forever family. We received letters today from Genet and Yesalemush. This is the second set of letters that we have received from them since their return to Ethiopia in mid July. These new letters are even more heartwrenching than the first set. The girls are so sweet and mention everyone by name, even remembering that Kali was going to have a birthday and wishing her a Happy Birthday. But their sadness at not having a family is so painful to read. Yesalemush writes, "Please try and be fast the paper and try to be fast to pick me out from Ethiopia to USA."

We thought the children knew that we were not adopting them, that we were truly just a host family for them for their stay here in Texas. But then, at the end of their time here, we found out that ALL the children were told that their "families" were only host families, even those whose families were already committed to adopting them. And then they also saw that most of the kids from last year's camp were indeed adopted. So what are they supposed to think? Of course they think that we are adopting them! How are we now supposed to tell them that we are not in a position to adopt them?

Even if there is a family out there who is meant to have these children, we know that the process takes time. But we can't help but feel that we've done nothing but give them false hope by bringing them here in the first place.

The oldest boy, Aschalo, bought a chemistry book when he was here for fun! He was gracious and studious, and did well with the kids. He will age out, I believe this next year. Genet is shy and studios and wants to be a pilot when she grows up. And Yesalemush is the artist and all girly girl. These are just unjust short bios. These precious kids need a family.


Mom of 5 said...

Oh my goodness. I hope they find a family.

Becky Page said...

Thanks so much, Rachel! I had 5 families contact me before about these kids, all interested in adopting them. But for whatever reasons, none followed through. Maybe some are still in the thought process, I don't know. But if they are, I hope they come to a positive decision soon, for the kids sake.


emily said...

Thank you for posting the update-- I have been wondering about them. Praying they find a family.