Thursday, September 13, 2007


Last Sunday we had the fine and fun pleasure of meeting the Page family in town at our local Mickey D's whose stinkin' playground was closed!! We had lots of loud fun anyway! Kali was a sweet and very smart little girl who seems to have really grown since the last time I saw her at the Ethiopian soccer tournament in Garland back in July. You wouldn't know that she didn't speak English only a few months ago! While they didn't seem to really recognize each other, they did check each other out :)

And decided that they were OK :)

Looks like the boys thought each other were pretty ok, too

Since Piper and Kali were in the same orphanage, Becky and I (and the Dads) think it is important that we maintain contact. We are close and they are almost a year apart exactly, so we think it would be great for them to know each other and have one another to talk to during those years when they need someone who truly understands what they are dealing with. While we can offer comfort, empathy, advice, and backup, we can not truly understand what they will go through as adopted African Americans in a white family. So this is one way we can maintain a connection with Ethiopia, and foster a relationship that they can identify with. It was great to see you guys, Page family!!

Well, Dennis has been out of town since Saturday. I have decided some things. Namely, I would make a crummy single parent of 3. Maybe if they were older, I had a maid, and a yard guy, then it wouldn't be so bad;) But that was hard! You spend all your time trying to maintain the status quo with cleaning and normal responsibilities and things you are responsible for outside of home, that it leaves you tired, cranky, snappish, and "too busy" to enjoy and just "be" with your kids. I am sure some people are better equipped to handle it or maybe there is a learning curve just like anything else, you get a system or schedule, but it scared me. And left me frazzled. I am sure their ages, 4,3,and 2, are largely a part of this. And when it is kids, kids, kids, from 6:30am to 8:30pm all day every day with absolutely no reprieve, that is tough, too. It is a complete privilege to be able to do this, but is it in my children's best interest when I feel that way? Is it in their best interest to take them to day care and I go to work? What we have now works wonderfully. I work at their Parent's Day Out on Mondays and Wednesdays. While I am with kids there, they aren't mine, and we get a little away time from each other. But I still consider myself a stay at home mom. I prefer it, but I don't at all think that that is always best for everyone. Some have no choice. Some people aren't wired to stay home. I get that completely. Now this is all just "what if" thinking anyway. What if something happened to Dennis. What if something happened to me? But I guess that is our responsibility as parents. We have to think "what if" and cover our bases. Anyways, it left me a lot of thinking to do, once I get time to think!

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