Sunday, August 5, 2007

Who you callin' little?

Our little tomboy wrestling w/Grandpa, Dad, and the boys:

And playing John Madden's video game (I think that's his name), with big cousin, Michael:

But she can be a real girl, here with Granny:

I am so amazed at how well Piper is adjusting. She has what is really just typical tantrums for her age...probably most stemming from the frustration of communication. Her understanding of what is being said or implied is pretty remarkable to me, though. She seems to understand so much. Today she signed and said the word cup(thank you Baby Wordsworth...why couldn't I have thought up that Baby Einstein stuff?) So now she says Mama, Dada, cup, hello, bye-bye, all gone, and she signs cup,milk, and more. Good stuff coming from someone who has had to change languages 3 times(Oromo up to 17 mos, Amharic for 5 mos, and now English).

She had a huge breakdown this morning so I am not sure what that is about. For about 45 minutes everything was just wrong and she cried and cried. I wonder about grieving.

Ok...this is the 3rd time in 2 days that I have sat down to try and blog...a little different around here!

Piper stayed in her Sunday school class this Sunday, but Granny was her teacher and the 2 girls who helped gladly carried her everywhere she wanted. Gonna have to watch that girl...she will have everyone working for her if we don't watch it! She loves to just point and when we make her get whatever it is, she gets so mad! She did ok, but next week will be the real family in there this time! I honestly think she'll be fine. She has no problem as long as she is entertained!

Camden is doing wonderfully with her and Brodan is too. Bro was having a little regression this past week ("hold me-hold me", wetting his pants, etc), but was still kind and playful with her. Dad went back to work today, and it is already better! I think as close to normalcy is what is best. I think Dad secretly was excited to get out of here and go back to work...dealing with kids all day every day is not his thing. Don't get me wrong, he is a wonderful father and husband. He is very affectionate and plays with the kids, but he's just not wired for full time kid duty! No stay at home dad for him! Plus, he screws up my schedule! We got a system that can't take too much variance or it all falls apart!! BTW...Thank you Dennis for doing multiple loads of laundry for me rock!

We still have a couple of souvenirs that need placement, and I need to buy Piper a life book or baby book and a neat box for the clothes and necklace that she wore on Gotcha Day, and then things will be back to status quo, thank goodness.

We also need to get crackin' on her post placement and readoption. I guess that will be this week's big project to start some point. Maybe.


Tami said...

What a cutie she is! Life with a house full of kids...pretty normal sounding to me. LOL Speaking to someone with zero kids right now.

Becky said...

Hang in there! I keep reading how we need to be "flexible" and have "no expectations". Again, easy to read, hard to live. I am completely on board with allowing the time to grieve, adjust, etc, but isn't part of adjustment learning the new rules too? You're doin' great!! Here we are 2 months later and we have a completely different little girl than we came home with! And it is truly amazing how quickly they pick up on the language and understanding! Piper and Kali are two peas in a pod.