Tuesday, August 14, 2007

We are signing Camden up for Suzuki violin lessons. Much to his father's chagrin, Cam really doesn't seem much into sports, with the exception of swimming(which he can't really do yet) and liking golf the short time that he tried it. That is fine with me, and Dad is really ok, too. He always swore that it would be ok if they weren't into sports, but I think he has to make an effort. I think what really gets him is that Cam is very quick to say something is too hard for him and gives up easily. It is not that he isn't competitive, just not an overachiever, physically, that is. And Dennis is very driven (I am not, on the other hand, but I do have a good work ethic). Cam is very smart and that will take him way farther than any sport will, anyways. And he says that he wants to learn violin, which makes me happy. My sister is a band director and I have always been jealous of the fact that she has that creative outlet and she's good at it. Any creative muscle I may have had has withered away and atrophied because it was never discovered, developed, or even explored.

Even if the kids don't play an instrument or a sport or become writers, or anything else, we of course just want them to be happy. I can see the ease of which parents can get trapped in trying to live through their kids or have them not make the same mistakes. I will have to make a conscious effort to not do that and fight the urge to feel like we have to keep up with what everyone else's kid is involved in.

Things to remember:

1.Let him be him.
2.He's only 4, for crying out loud!

P.S. We aren't those pushy,screaming from the sidelines parents by the way. I have very little patience for people like that.


Ted and Lori said...

Yes, you are right about how cool it is to meet other parents here. You are so fortunate to have a family nearby with a child who was in the same orphanage. That's really awesome. I'd love to find that in our neck of the woods.

Matthew Moak said...

Hi... I just wanted to say what an encouragement you and your sight have been. It's so amazing to read the stories of others that are on the same Journey we are on, and just how wonderful that is.

We have really enjoyed your story. If you get a few minutes, feel free to stop by our site to see our "litte man" Henok! It's at http://henokmoak.blogspot.com/

Thanks and congratulations on your new little one!

Sara said...

You are too a creative person. You can do only about a million things that I can't do.

I hope Camden enjoys the violin. He just needs to find his thing...and he has plenty of time to do that!

Becky said...

Hi Rachel,
My Jordan took 3 years of Suzuki violin and loved it. To this day, his first love is music, even over sports which he was also good with (his senior year he stared as Cat in the Hat in "Suessical" at the same time he got MVP of basketball team and 2nd team All District). Suzuki is the best violin method and you'll love it!