Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Birth order

Cam is officially signed up for violin. It is the cutest little thing I have ever seen! And it is so cool because it comes in a case that he carries like a backpack. I hope this all goes okay, because 1) it's expensive as all get out, and 2) it involves my involvement on a huge scale. I hope that I have the discipline to keep him on task. We'll see. We rented the violin. Thank goodness you can do that, because who knows.
Brodan was very upset because he didn't get a violin. He didn't understand when I told him that he can when he's 4, but not yet. I felt bad for him. I tried to sign him up for soccer instead (because he loves that stuff), but it's too late. There is only one place we could have done it, because he is too young.

Piper went to the doctor yesterday. She still has a fungus in her hair follicles causing a slight balding patch. The problem is that to treat it, you have to take oral fungal medication. Her bloodwork showed that some of her liver levels were high, and the medication would affect that further. The doctor was going to talk to a gastro-something-something-ologist to check on her levels and what that means. There were 2 that were high, while 2 others that involve liver function were fine. She was unsure what that meant. We are still waiting on her stool sample (ick) results, so maybe there is a parasite we don't know about. Hopefully we get that soon.

Piper is really is ready for potty training, but I just am not yet. We are still adjusting, although well, and I am just not up for dealing with the potty thing yet. Brodan is doing much better now, but it takes a lot of mental stuff and tons of patience to potty train and I'm just not up to adding to the already mental stuff and patience I need to deal with the 3 kids and a language barrier that we already have. Maybe once we get a schedule going with "school" and stuff, I will attempt it.

I have been thinking a lot about birth order. You know, oldest, middle, youngest type of stuff. What does the blogworld think about that? Are they labels they peg us with, in regards to our place in the birth order, right? Are the youngest spoiled? What about oldest? I am the oldest, and they say they are more driven and responsible. I am responsible, but not so driven. I worry about the kiddos and their place. Piper is a pistol and that scares me if she is the youngest and they turn out to be the handful. Is anyone NOT like what "they" say you are in your birth order? Just interesting to me.


Stacy said...

Good question about birth order. I'm the oldest and I'm definitey more driven. My sister is the youngest (13 years between us, technically she's my half-sister) and she's definitely spoiled. While I wasn't "adopted," I didn't really live with my parents and sister until my sister was 13 months and I was 14 years old.

In terms of adopted children, you may want to ask Angel this (, as she's now doing a bunch of FAQ about adopting older children. Her daughter came home from Guatemala at the age of 7, and her bdaughter is 4.

Sara said...

Um, I think there is definitely something real with all of the birth order stuff. Look at all of us! As a middle child I got ignored all of the time, but in our house, that wasn't such a bad thing. And I find at work that I am somewhat of a politician, trying to make everyone happy and failing miserably. I also go along with the flow most of the time and am not the instigator of things. However, you are a pretty driven just depends on the subject. You also do not hesitate to take charge, make decisions, and let people know what you think. I think in some ways we have actually switched roles as we have gotten older. What do you think?

The Page Family said...

I agree .. birth order does have it's effects. But think about it .. the oldest may be more responsible because she had to be the one to help Mom the most with things. The youngest is the most spoiled because Mom and Dad were too tired by that time, and probably a little more hip to things too, thus giving in more than with the first ones. But I don't think it dominates one's personality either. So you're worried that your pistol will be the spoiled one, thus making her even more of a pistol? Don't worry ... there is still much of it within your control!!

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