Monday, August 27, 2007

We are still waiting on the ultrasound results...I have no idea when we get those back. She has her GI doctor's appt. on the 17th...I hope we get them before that! She is on meds for the parasites. Things are changing for the better on poop duty, so I think it might be working, thank goodness. We go on Thursday for a new blood draw. I reeeally hope that everything will be back to normal. We'll see.

Sorry if the first picture really scared you senseless. Thanks to Junie B. Jones for her fantastic idea on how to deal with monsters at night. We were listening to the kids' audio book in the car and she used her horrible school pictures to scare away monsters under her bed. We borrowed this idea and made our own pictures which are taped throughout the boys' room and inside the closet. Are we scary or what?!



Mom of 5 said...

Sure things will be good.
Great pictures -EEKK I am scared.

Eric & Tara said...

Haha! That is such a great idea...and the pics are hilarious. (i mean scary!)

Sara said...

Cutest. Idea. Ever.

Becky said...

Did you get that CD in a "happy meal"? We got it too (Wendy's maybe? or Chik-Fil-A?) and I've never seen Carson lay so still and listen to a "book on tape". He loves it!!!