Friday, January 11, 2008

We have a camera again. Yay! Here are a couple of updated pictures of Piper, who obviously knows how to work the camera when she wants to!

I just read Same Kind Of Different As Me. What a moving book. It's a nice reminder not to judge and remember that your work is never done. After a minuscule reflection, I realized how dumb I was in my last post. There is nothing unselfish about me. I am just as selfish as I always have been. I just happen to do what I'm supposed to sometimes.One of the things I am supposed to do and actually did was go to Haiti for our church mission trip. I have gone twice, and this year, we decided that Dennis will go. I wouldn't miss Haiti for anyone else, let me tell you. There may be no privacy(uh, you just think you are alone on the side of that mountain on a pit stop), no cool air reprieve, and a language barrier, but I LOVE going there! The reasons why would take days to write. I would love for Dennis to go and be able to share that same sentiment that I have when I talk about Haiti. I am very confident that once he goes and plays with the kids(Ethiopia and Haiti are very similar in many ways), he will be a sunk ship! We actually stay in a village called Les Abricots at the Pastor's home. Our trip is guided by Reciprocal Ministries Inc. (RMI). We have partnered with them in their sister church program. We go once a year and commit to praying for our sister church. We have wired the church for power, sent a generator, and built pews as some of our projects. We do a women's bible study and try to do something special for them, since we are truly honored guests while we are there and they work sun up to sun down to make sure we are taken care of. We also sponsor children for school through the Hope for Kids program. My dream is to someday go for a couple of big trips a year and volunteer at places like God's Littlest Angels(a wonderful orphanage) or at places like Real Hope for Haiti. That would be awesome. Now, I know that it's isn't Piper's country, but it is the place that planted the seed for her adoption in the first place. Once you teach the Macarena to about 50 kids who don't speak English, you are done for!

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emily said...

Thought you were taking a break:) So glad that you liked the book- it changed the way that I think about many things. I got to hear Denver and Ron speak at a luncheon, they are the real deal.

Loved the new Piper pics too.