Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Let's get a great ending to this great story

An email I sent to people:

Hi, everyone!

I have recently learned of some wonderful events that I feel the responsibility to pass on, because you never know how it pans out.

Here's the story. Sorry, it's long. Last year, I met a woman in my adoption blogworld that lives in Granbury, Texas. She and her husband adopted a little girl, just a year older than Piper and they were in the same orphanage. While they were in Ethiopia picking up their daughter, Gladney(the adoption agency) was about to begin the Bright Futures Camp, here in Texas where they bring older children to stay for a week in hopes of finding them families to adopt them. A sibling group of 2 girls, one tween, one teen, and their brother, age 17 were not finding a host family, and ran the risk of not being able to come. Becky (my friend) and her husband, since they had done the homestudy for their adoption and were obviously approved, being as they were there to pick up their child, said that the Kinfe kids(the 3 siblings and who are separated in diff. orphanages) could come stay with them during the Camp. That was pretty big, considering that they were bringing home a 3 year old girl who is just as strong willed as Piper is! Anyways, the kids had a fantastic time, but unfortunately, were unable to find a family.

This is still the case, but some recent events have come to light. David Nasser, who is a new name to me and author of Glory Revealed and runs David Nasser Outreach(and whom I will be learning much more about) was set to speak at Liberty University for Spiritual Emphasis Week. He prompted students to do a 'jeans' campaign to help the Kinfe kids in getting adopted. Basically, he challenged them to donate the cost of a pair of their jeans. Being as this was to about 4000 students, the results were more astounding than you can imagine. He asked on Wednesday, and by Friday, they had $85,000. Not only would this cover adoption, but aid in college, as well. That just brought me to tears. You can read more about it at Liberty Journal

I met the kids last year at an Ethiopian American Soccer tournament, while they were here visiting for the camp. I saw them again when I went to get Piper. Let me tell you what I know about these guys.
The oldest boy, Aschalo, bought a chemistry book when he was here for fun! He was gracious and studious, and did well with the Becky's (age 3 and 4)kids. He will age out at 18 in December, I believe this year. This means that he will not be adoptable if it doesn't happen soon and if the girls do get adopted, they will be separated over an ocean. Genet(I think 16) is shy and studios and wants to be a pilot when she grows up. And Yesalemush (at 15) is the artist and all girly girl. These are just unjust short bios. These precious kids need a family. You are welcome to read more about them in Becky's blog ....just look at her June-July entries last year. Aschalo speaks pretty good English and the girls know some, too. They are learning it at the orphanage.

Here is an excerpt of their recent letter to Becky:

'We are so busy, we spend our time by study. Many children are finish their process and goes to U.S.A. we are very sad. Every day we pray to God to help us to get a family from Texas. We ask you again don't forget us to find a family to adopt us.'

Pass it on!

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Amy said...

I've thought of a comment to leave probably three times, Rachel, but I guess I'll just say I'm so glad that you emailed people this. I'm just blown away about this. I would love nothing more than to bring these three home to our house, and my husband and I are still discussing it, but it's been a year since I first mentioned it to him. I brought it up again this week....I emailed Becky and freaked out over the coincidences in our lives. I wish he could see what I see. These kids are amazing and I'm praying that they find their family quickly, even if it isn't us. I really wish that Michael would come around though. It's been so long.
I would have emailed you so as not to blab all over your blog, but I couldn't find your email :)
Take care,