Saturday, December 29, 2007

Merry Christmas!

It is time to say goodbye to the blog, not that I am so regular(no poop jokes, please). I have never been a journaler(is that a word?). It is hard for me right now, anyways. These kiddos are wiping me out. It seems that 3 is our final number. I never say never, but I give it a firm "probably not"! Ok, I will probably come to post every month or two, because I can't completely let this go and I definitely will keep reading everyone elses! I had to add these last 2 sentences after writing this thing b/c I can't do it!

This has been such a fantastic journey. God never lets me down. Every time He says to do something, and I actually listen, I have the time of my life! Mission trips, children's ministries, working at the pregnancy help center, adoption. Every adventure turned out more rewarding than the next and I can't imagine what the next one is. I am always attempting to help someone else out or do what I think I should be doing, and it seems that I am the one who most benefits. Is it possible to want to help others unselfishly knowing full well that YOU are the one who scores?! Am I selfishly unselfish or the other way around? I seem to have over thought this...what a conundrum.

In true Elliott fashion, our camera broke a couple of weeks before Christmas, so everything is on video, but no pictures. We hoped it was a battery issue, but no such luck.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Piper thought opening presents was a blast and I think next year, she will truly "get" it all. The boys "got" it this year and are finally coming down off their Christmas high.

The other day we saw a panhandler on the side of the road with several funny signs he was trying. He had a full beard and long hair, and Brodan said, "Look Mom, it's Jesus" By the time I got a dollar together, he had passed us and the light changed. Now my kids think Mom didn't give Jesus any money. Not only that, but I didn't recognize him, and they did. Food for thought.


The Page Family said...

Hi Rachel,
It is hard, isn't is? Notice all th others who now have their kids? They don't blog nearly as often as pre-kids. Just not enough hours in the day once you're chasing another little bug around!
I remember seeing your panhandler. Went to Austin with my oldest last Feb to visit St. Edwards and we saw him at a stop light on an exit somewhere around Round Rock/Pflugerville. He described him perfectly! A few years ago I was driving in Dallas. As I exited off of I-35, I saw a man asking for money and something about him touched me. I circled around and came back to the exit and gave him $20. I saw him again later in that same day in the same spot and he was eating a salad from McD's. It made me feel that selfish unselfishness you talked about, knowing that I helped him eat .. and he was eating healthy too! There are some people who won't give thinking that the ones asking will just use it unwisely, they actually make a good living panhandling, etc. I say you just never know. The extra bucks out of my wallet doesn't hurt me, so what difference does it make? I can't be suspicious of everyone who asks because you just never know ...

Merry Christmas!!!

emily said...

Glad you had a Merry Christmas- that is a sweet "I saw Jesus" story. Have you read "Same Kind of Different as Me"? It is a great book! Much food for thought.

I will keep checking in- Happy New Year!

Jim and Debbie said...

I have enjoyed your blog, but I understand that life is hectic. I long for the days where I'm not blog stalking anymore!
We will have to get the girls together some day (Piper, Kali and Kuri). That would be great.
Hope you and your family have a very Happy New Year!