Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Happy PreK Graduation!

Yes, I know it is silly that they do "graduation" for the kids at Parent's Day Out. I really thought so always, that is, until it is my kid's turn. It was something exciting for the kids to do and got them excited about going to kindergarten. What parent doesn't like watching their child in a program of any sort?

Anyways, my baby boy has grown into my little boy-goofy, goofy, goofy. He makes up silly words, laughs at anything poop and fart related, and has made his butt cheeks talk to me on more than one occasion. And now his brother, who is a year and a 1/2 younger, is just more up on the take on it all. I love little boys :)

And my little girl? She is quite the pistol and loves to announce her own bodily functions at the dinner table...gotta keep up with the bros! Not to worry though, she is ALL girl- she loves her shoes, necklaces, and purses. And she can flip through a small board book for an hour. There is NO WAY the boys could do that. She has a great sense of humor and LOVES to tease. In her future, I definitely see the words "strong woman" attached to her and for those who can't handle her, I am sure they will use another word. But I am so glad to see that my daughter will hold her own when she needs to! I would not have it any other way!


Kristi J said...

Our schools around here all do preschool and kindergarten graduation and i just posted pics from it too...I just think it is too cute. We're also adopting from ethiopia.
Kristi Johnson

Angela said...

Aww... Happy Grad Day!! So cute!
I just noticed that your gotcha day was my ds's bday...awww...
hoping to travel before the closure to get dd and ds from et!!
pray for us!! :) our papers have been submitted to court and we are awaiting our court date!