Tuesday, April 8, 2008

These pictures are just a day in the life of little boys. How either one didn't end up with a complete black eye, I don't know. So far we haven't had any ER runs, with the exception of pneumonia (of course it had to be a Saturday), so I guess we are lucky. Although, they are still pretty little. Little boys just make me laugh. It is either a mile a minute or a snail's pace for these two.

For Camden's 5th birthday, instead of having a big party, Dennis and I took just him to SeaWorld for the day. It was the first time that he had ever done anything with just him and mom and dad. That made me sad. Now, he has done lots of stuff with just me or just dad, but never together. It was such a great experience that we decided that that is the 5th birthday-deal from here on out. I will make it a point, though, that Dennis and I do something with each child, on a smaller, less expensive scale, every year. Why is this such a difficult thing to do? When I write it down, it sounds terrible of us. And I really think that we are a very family oriented family, especially at this point with everyone so young, but to do that seems like a huge ordeal to undertake. It will be so worth it, though. Cam had the best day and so did we!

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