Monday, March 31, 2008

The Mek Tribe

I am so sad. Last week, I discovered "Living With The Mek Tribe" on the travel channel and watched 3/4 of the day's marathon. Yesterday, I finished watching it and the season finale. And now, I have nothing. It was the most interesting show. I would be dead in 2 days, or at least dropped like a hot potato and ditched quickly because I would never make it and would be such a detriment to anyone who had to deal with me. What a hard life. Watching the show made my mission trips to Haiti seem like a vacation, although, I don't quite "live" completely the way the Haitians do when I go. However, it is still roughing it! Tribal life was such an amazing thing to watch and it is funny, even though we have "advanced" over centuries, our relationships are just as messed up and/or wonderful as an indigenous tribe of people's in the middle of absolutely nowhere. I hope they do a "reunion" show. Just joking. What a great show.

Camden turns 5 this week.

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The Page Family said...

Hey Rachel,

We've watched this show a few times too. Pretty interesting to say the least. As for the T-ball, Carson played last fall. While every other child was chasing the ball that was hit, my son stayed glued to his spot because his daddy was behind him telling to play his position and wait until the ball was hit to him. Course, every time it was hit to him, every other kid on the field came running after it so he STILL didn't get to field one. T-ball didn't make it, so we're on to soccer now. Got to teach that boy to go AFTER the ball, not just run along side it! More evenings in the front yard with sports lessons!

Sorry we missed you guys on Saturday .. soccer game and by the time it was over and we got to leave the soccer fields, it was already 1:30 pm. We'll meet up again soon!

Our 5 year old boys ... can't they be 3 again and stay that way?