Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Elliott team

Camden has begun T-ball. For those who have seen 4-6 year olds play T-Ball, you know that it is a complete joke. Well, at least for those parents who don't think that their child's career is at stake anyway. Cam has had a few games, and he absolutely LOVES it! That said, poor baby is not a natural. He has the batting thing, running the bases thing down, but playing out in the field? Uh. No. It doesn't matter where he is playing, he chases the ball while it is in motion. Or, if he is playing a base, and there happens to be a coach standing close to tell him to stay by the bag, he stands on it and puts his hand out like he is directing traffic to tell the runner to stop. His birthday is next week and we are seriously getting him a video game thingy(that is daddy territory) with a baseball game, so that he can see and learn the rules better. The boy is freaky about rules, so hopefully this will help. We try and explain at home, but there isn't enough people for him to get the gist of it all, so we just practice catching, fielding grounders, batting, and that type of thing. Now, I say that we aren't parents who think that our kids will live,eat, sleep the sport at 5 years old, but it is hard to watch your kid shooting imaginary spider webs and having imaginary conversations with his glove without yelling out his name to pay attention once in awhile. And can we pee while we are in the dugout waiting to bat or does it have to be out on the field, where EVERYONE gets to hear about it? Of course, he isn't the only one, but definitely one that you can count on for entertainment EVERY TIME. Just like I am sure his violin teacher refers to him as the kid who farts every lesson when she talks about her day. It is only 30 minutes for crying out loud, can you hold it please?! Does anyone know what age children begin to be embarrassed about everything, 'cause I'm waiting! I am learning, though. I don't cringe as much as I used to.

And a Brodan story? About a month ago we passed a lady coming out of the restroom at HEB(because we always have to go check out every bathroom) who smiled at the kids. Unfortunately, she was missing a couple of teeth. So Brodan, in his very loud bellowy voice, screams, while pointing, "hers don't have her teef, Mama!" and again, "hers don't have her teef!" She stopped smiling.

Piper hasn't done anything embarrassing yet, except pitch fits, and give go to hell looks to strangers who try to smile and talk to her. She can't help it, she's 2 and her face is either hot or cold, smiling or eat my shorts.

Ahh, kids. I am so glad that we are ripping the band-aid off, so to speak. It is a very challenging time right now with everyone home and these ages, but definitely entertaining. People who homeschool are saints.

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Our little boy just started soccer, so I can so relate! Your kids are adorable!