Friday, October 26, 2007

Whoever smelled it, dealt it!

For cryin' out loud. We were hit by lightning almost 3 weeks ago and yesterday was the first time I had my internet back. DO YOU KNOW HOW HORRIBLE IT WAS????? One morning I sat down and it was like someone shot a gun in my ear. BOOM! No internet, no phone, no cable, and unknowingly until this past weekend, no septic system. Replaced the phone 3 days later. Check. Ordered new receiver for cable (it was just out in our room and that really wasn't too bad) and had that within a week. But no internet? Stinko-madinko. Verizon decided they wanted to argue whether or not it was a computer, DSL-people kind of problem or a phone problem. No one wanted to come out. And then when they finally did, and it was decided that we had to replace the stupid modem(which we could have done weeks ago), they didn't order it like they said they would. After much turmoil I have my internet...yay! Now, the septic system? Our catch phrase is "The smell is the only way to tell!" Thankfully, our neighbors aren't right next to us, because we smell like we just poop in the yard with the dogs. The guy told me yesterday that the smell will go away in a few days. Fantastic (read with sarcasm).

On the Piper end of things, she is doing great. Words are finally starting to be used on her own and that is good. She can even say "I love you" and it is so cute! Her feet have grown about 2 sizes and I hope that that means she will have a growth spurt soon, even if it isn't much. She eats like a horse and even her veggies.

On a discouraging front, Camden said something horrible the other day. He said that he was ready to take Sissy back to Ethiopia because he was done with her. It broke my heart. I don't really think that he meant it or even understood what he was saying, but it told me that he was discouraged with her. She is very close to Bro and seems to be taken with him, but swats Cam away a lot. He is like a little parent, correcting her and directing her, but not unkindly, so that may be part of the problem. The boy is a stickler for rules, that is just how he is wired. I wondered if he noticed how she pushes him away a lot, and I am guessing he did, now. Other than that comment, things are the same. He still says he loves her out of the blue and tries to kiss her and love on her (even though she pushes him away). I have tried to involve him when she and I are hugging and stuff and she seems to be more open to him then. It's one of those hurdles and things to watch. Anyone else have this stuff?

Some great news, we are working on the readoption and should find out this next week about our court date to make this thing "official"! How many times has this whole adoption thing been "official"? But it will REALLY be official then.

I am going put in some pictures and then catch up on everyone, now.


Becky Page said...

Geez, I was wondering what happened to you! Look how long her hair is getting!! Don't worry about Cam .. Carson is a little dictator with Kali too, always trying to be a parent. I read an aricle in Parenting magazine just last night about this. Check it out. Does Piper get up at the crack of dawn? Kali just refuses to sleep past 7 or so, which is ok on the weekdays, but would rather she sleep until it's light outside on the weekends. The teenagers used to get up at 4-5 a.m. every day too. Didn't know if it was an orphanage thing, or just each's sleeping habits. See ya!


emily said...

Welcome back, I wondered where you were!

Shelli said...

I just came across your blog today via the McDonalds (friends of ours adopting from Haiti). Thought it was crazy as we are The Elliotts as well (just from Indiana) and are adopting from Ethiopia! We are sending in our dossier to CHSFS next week and then will be officially waiting (yeah :) I just wanted to tell you that your daughter is georgeous! You have a very lovely family and I wish you the best!
-Shelli Elliott