Monday, January 24, 2011

Word up

On the KLOVE radio station they are talking about this thing that they are doing where they come up with one word to define the year. Call it your mantra, your personal motto, whatever, but in one word. For instance, Lisa, I believe was the DJ, said that she kept kinda hemming and hawing (I like that phrase) over her word and finally she decided to pray about it and ask God what His word for her should be. The word she heard in her heart was "clear". Didn't sound like a great one to me until she looked it up in the dictionary and read it.

Clear- from darkness, obscurity or cloudiness; light.
3.without discoloration, defect or blemish

Wow...pretty good word after all.

So what is my word for 2011? What is your word? Maybe more importantly than the word is the thought process to come up with the thing. Because I find myself searching and maybe evaluating (necessary evil, for sure) myself to find it.


Anonymous said...

Dear Rachel,

because I'm not a member on facebook, I try to reach you by this comment for a serious request:

On Nov. 30th, 2007 I wrote a note onto your blog, where a mentioned the address of our German blog. There I wrote about the progress about our forthcoming adoption from Kechene Orphanage. In the end, our adoption became a great success.

Now, the thing is: I closed our family-blog for search-engines and we still use it as a diary. For family eyes only. :-)

But, certain people, which are no member of our family, do find our blog while googeling my son's name. And via my old blog-comment in yours they find our blog. We don't appreciate this, because it's beyond our control who gets insight views.

So, if you don't mind: please delete my whole comment on that mentioned date to leave as less links on Google as possible.

Thank you very much for your cooperation and best wishes from our Family from Germany to yours in Texas.


The Elliott Family said...

Absolutely! It's a done deal...I hope this resolves the problem for you!