Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cultural Identification- spandex vs. the bun hugger

AAAHHH! Tomorrow I run my first half marathon. I'm nervous, but glad as hell to get it behind me. Even though I have another tougher one in April. Running has been very interesting and has allowed me a lot of quiet time. I have time to think and pray, which probably accounts for the such fantastical state of mental health I regularly uphold. You gotta really work at sanity, people. It's like a healthy relationship (as I've learned at our current conversation series at Newchurch), they just don't accidentally happen. Now, I'm being sarcastic because I'm just as crazy as the next person. Obviously. I'm running 13.1 miles. And I'm no teeny thing and I'm slow so I'm running for 2 1/2+ hours straight. But I still don't feel like a "runner". I certainly don't look the part, but there is a whole culture here that I just don't think I fit the bill for. I like to run. But do I loooove it? Not sure. It's the same for cycling. I really like that.  I plan to do a longer ride later this year and try that sport out, too.  But will I fit that bill?  I liked doing the sprint triathlons last year and I'll be doing those again this year. I like to run, I like to ride, although the swimming is for the fishes.  I definitely am not a swimmer.  Thankfully you get that out of the way, first.  So triathlons...maybe that's where I belong. It's seems like a good sport for committers who can't commit. Does that make sense? I'll put in the time, but I don't have to technically pledge my loyalty to any one group and if I don't feel like doing my run training, I can ride my bike and technically I still did some tri training :) and vice versa. Love me loopholes, matey!  But I short myself, blah, blah, blah, I know.

But I digress...running culture and biking cycling culture(sorry swimmers, a non issue here) are so...I don't know.  But they definitely have one!  Walk into a bike store and the men talk bike parts and have 10% body fat and don't mind walking around with their ding dongs showing in their spandex.  I don't know if I can get onboard with that.  And the women, well, I haven't seen a lot of them, but they wear spandex, too, and my butt is flat.  And runners...well, I can bound and gag my chest, but there's no getting around my thighs eating runner shorts for a snack.  But thankfully, the equation is not equal...bun huggersspandex.  But running is a lot of time in your head.  I can only be in there so long, you know?

So I guess triathlons is the best bet for me. I'll still try on the others for size once in awhile to mix it up, though.  I gotta wear spandex but I can throw on some cover if I like.  And I've seen all sizes tear it up there, too.  It's inspiring because everyone starts in waves by ages(they publicize your age on the back of your calf for everyone's enjoyment) and you might be riding along and see a 72 on the back of a leg and think, "That's amazing!  I wonder if I'll do this at age 72?  Prolly only be 3 of us, so I'll prolly win my age group, too!  I better beat this old lady or I really suck."  In that order.


Faith said...

I just found your blog, and you are cracking me up! Also, I SERIOUSLY hope that you're feeling better and past the worst of the flue. I'm so sorry that you've been sick! :-/

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding?
Rick fucked SLY like crazy in CONSLYO and he did it with SLYZEN galore!
Then there was DOVELEO with CONNICAR and that was really the PRUSHIP SUPICAR!
So, you wanna talk JEN- JEN- NEIN?