Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sleeping Angels and zoo animals

We went to the zoo in Waco yesterday because it was 91 DEGREES HERE!!!In the middle of February! What is up with that? And do you know that today, the high will be 66 degrees. You can't rotate winter and summer clothes here because every day, you have no idea. And since the boys share a closet, this can be an issue. I don't know what we'll do when they get bigger. Jeez.

Pretty in pink

Overtaking our bed

At the Zoo

Friday, February 15, 2008


We are in big girl panties and in a big girl bed! The panties are still iffy(we aren't public-pantying just yet), but we are going #2 in the potty now and have an accident with #1 only here and there, so we have made great strides! We converted her crib last week and she has done wonderfully in it. All 3 made the switch very easily and I have to give myself some credit. I was kind of the sleep nazi. Once you were put into your bed, I don't come back, no matter what. Dr Weissbluth of Healthy Sleep Habits, Healthy Child(might be the other way around) was my go-to guy. That book really works, but you gotta be tough. It takes about 3 days of crying it out(yes, it's that method), but after that, it was over. Now, Piper took about a week, but that is certainly understandable with all the upheaveal when she got here. And so, when they all transferred into the big bed, they didn't expect anything otherwise. And just so you know, they all still loved me the next morning after the 3 rough days. Sleep training really works!

Piper and I have made some HUGE strides. There is an occasional defiance, but she has seemed to finally figured out that I am Mom, and Mom makes the rules. We are working on her walking into a place on her own, right now. She wants to be carried into places that aren't familiar, and sometimes I can't do that, so she does the limp-noodle thing, which makes me see red, but it is a work in progress. I have figured out that we get through it eventually. It was pooping in the potty, it has been yelling "No!" at me when she doesn't get her way, it has been swatting with her hand, and so forth. And we have gotten pretty much past them all, with only occasional slips now and then. SO. That means I need to relax, and be persistent and consistent and know that this, too, shall pass. I still need to remind myself of that but I am getting there, and so is she.

The past 2 weeks have been really good and we seem to have gotten over the wall we had hit that had me doubting so many things and in so many ways that I couldn't even bring myself to post about them, because sometimes they weren't nice or could have discouraged those who are in the process. But let me tell you, thank God for my friend Becky who has been dealing with the same stuff. I don't know what I would have done if I didn't have someone else to vent to or who could understand. My husband understood, but I needed to know that it wasn't just us, that we were out of whack. While a lot of us, once we get our children home, may drift off and out of blogland, doing it before and during can be very vital. You can make some really great friends. Some of which may be vital to your mental health :) ! So if you have your older kids home and struggle, keep the faith, keep praying, and stay consistent and persistent...they get it eventually!